SPAW Editor 2.0.7 Released

April 4th, 2008 by ailon

Version 2.0.7 of both ASP.NET and PHP editions of SPAW Editor has been released.

The main focus of this release was reworking of the style application algorithm combining good parts of the ways this was done in SPAW 1.x and SPAW 2 and getting rid of the bad. Other bugs were fixed, workarounds implemented and new features added.

Numerous language files were updated and fixed by the community. Thanks!

Version 2.0.7 is available for immediate download through our download page.

Here’s a complete change log:

  1. FEATURE ADDED: when inserting a hyperlink and nothing is selected, hyperlink title is used for linked text (if title is not set href url is used)
  2. CHANGE: reworked CSS class application algorithm: now if nothing is selected CSS class is set on the parent tag of the current cursor position, plus style changes are applied to the same span tag rather than creating a new one
  3. CHANGE: font name and font sizes are now applied with custom code rather than browser features allowing for wider variety of valid settings
  4. CHANGE: JavaScript API: refactored style setting methods: moved style setting to editor methods applyStyleToSelection and removeStyleFrom, so they could be called from various other methods (like font settings, etc.)
  5. BUGFIX/WORKAROUND: empty paragraphs were multiplying in IE when DOM tree or HTML had paragraph inside of a paragraph
  6. BUGFIX/WORKAROUND: when content started with script or style tag it was removed under IE
  7. BUGFIX: there were PHP notices in dialogs when session wasn’t used to store config data
  8. BUGFIX: inner contents of style tag was stripped under IE
  9. BUGFIX: insertHtmlAtSelection method wasn’t working correctly in IE when “control” (image, etc.) was selected
  10. BUGFIX: SpawFm plugin: fixed automatic uploaded file/created directory selection
  11. LANGUAGE FILE ADDED: Romanian (Lari Corifeanu)
  12. LANGUAGE FILE ADDED: SpawFM: Turkish (Sitki Ozkurt)
  13. LANGUAGE FILE ADDED: core and SpawFM: Celtic (Alan Davies)
  14. LANGUAGE FILE ADDED: SpawFM: Slovak (Martin Svec)
  15. LANGUAGE FILE UPDATED: Slovak (Martin Svec)
  16. LANGUAGE FILE UPDATED: Italian (fabrix)

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2 Responses to “SPAW Editor 2.0.7 Released”

  1. mpak Says:

    При каждом редактировнаии уже созданной страницы редактор заменяет пустые адреса типа “?что-то” на “empty.html?что-то” Как исправить это? чтобы он не заменял такие ссылки.

  2. SchneeWeiss Says:

    Could anybody say? Why does the main page of the site appear in the spaw editor first, and then the page is completely loaded, the saved text appears?

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