Stable SPAW Editor v.2 .NET Edition Released!

January 3rd, 2008 by ailon

We are extremely happy to announce that, after several months of planning, couple more months of coding and another couple of beta-testing and bug fixing, stable version of SPAW Editor v.2 .NET Edition has been finally released!

We have released all of our plugins ported for ASP.NET Edition a couple of days ago and we are releasing additional themes simultaneously with this release.

Download links:

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About SPAW Editor v.2

For those unfamiliar with SPAW Editor - it’s a web based WYSYWYG HTML editor control for ASP .NET and PHP. Here’s a list of major features of SPAW Editor v.2:

  • modular architecture
  • tabbed multi-document interface
  • floating/shared toolbars
  • resizable editing area
  • context menu
  • file manager plugin
  • support for Internet Explorer, Firefox/Mozilla/Netscape, Opera 9 and Safari 3 browsers
  • XHTML rendering
  • design time support for Visual Studio 2005
  • and many more

Change Log

Here’s a list of changes in this release from previous v.2.0.6 Release Candidate release:

  • BUGFIX: Exception was generated during saving of state when editor with single page was invisible
  • BUGFIX: substitute images for flash content were missing
  • BUGFIX: Theme class was attempting to use default CSS style when actually default CSS class was defined in theme config
  • BUGFIX: Toolbar class was attempting to use custom CSS style when actually custom CSS class was defined in theme config
  • DOCUMENTATION ADDED: Plugin Developer’s Guide
  • DOCUMENTATION UPDATED: updated integrator’s guide

5 Responses to “Stable SPAW Editor v.2 .NET Edition Released!”

  1. Tony Ton Says:

    I am looking for a out-of-the-box HTML editor that can be integrated in an user control for ASP.NET application.

    Could you tell me whether your editor has those features, is it easy to integrate into the application, is the source code available, how much does it cost, and where I can read some more documentation about your editor.

    Your prompt response should be highly appreciated.

  2. ailon Says:

    SPAW is a HTML snippet editor. It replaces textarea/asp:TextBox in your ASP.NET apps.

    Documentation is available at

    It is Open Source so source code is available. Price depends on type of usage and varies from free (under GPL) to 250 euros (commercial usage).

    I encourage you to download GPL version and if it fits your needs and you want to use it in non-GPL manner then you can buy an appropriate license

  3. Janis Says:

    Hi, Ailon! Where I can download Solmetra Maps? I find download link & can’t find it. :(

  4. Janis Says:

    Ooops, excuse me!

    My AdBlockPlus (FF Plugin) was block download link. Fixed.

  5. ailon Says:

    Look here

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