.NET Edition of SPAW Editor v.2 Released

October 1st, 2007 by ailon

kick it on DotNetKicks.com We are happy to announce the beta release of SPAW Editor v.2 .NET Edition!

This version is a functional equivalent of PHP Edition v.2.0.5 plus it adds design-time support for Visual Studio 2005 (including Web Developer Express).


SPAW Editor .NET Edition v.2.0.5 beta is available for immediate download through our download page.

Main features of SPAW Editor v.2 .NET Edition are:

- completely redesigned and rewritten modular architecture
- tabbed multi-document interface
- floating/shared toolbars
- resizable editing area
- context menu
- file manager plugin
- support for Firefox/Mozilla/Netscape, Opera 9 and Safari 3 browsers
- XHTML rendering
- design time support for Visual Studio 2005
- and many more

This release is marked beta because it hasn’t been tested by wide user base and there are still some things to do in secondary areas but where it matters it is pretty much complete.

Known issues:

- Documentation is incomplete;
- Pages can only be added through code;
- Defaults shown in VS2005 designer are hard-coded and wont match modified spaw2.config settings;
- Modifying of File Manage directories at run-time will be streamlined before the final release;
- Some configuration properties can only be set through config file or accessing Editor.Configuration object directly;
- Plugins and themes not ported, yet.

System requirements:

- ASP .NET version 2.0 or higher;
- Visual Studio 2005/Visual Web Developer 2005 Express edition for design-time support.

We have also created a dedicated forum for .NET Edition v.2

Your feedback is very valuable!

Commercial License Pricing:

Since announcement of development of .NET Edition we were selling Enterprise licenses for only 100 EURO. This is a discount of 60%! This price will stay for one more week only and will go up on Monday, October 8, 2007.

So, if you were planning to purchase a commercial license, don’t miss your chance to do this with the highest discount in SPAW’s history!

Visit our purchase page for details and purchase links.

6 Responses to “.NET Edition of SPAW Editor v.2 Released”

  1. aylmer carson Says:

    hi, will there be an upgrade purchase price for people who have bought the previous version of spaw?

  2. ailon Says:

    upgrade is free for all v1 .NET Edition customers. Or do you mean upgrade from PHP Edition to .NET?

  3. aylmer carson Says:

    no. i currently use the .net 1 version.

  4. chinaosp Says:

    has a bug in spaw-net-205b-gpl, can see nothing when insert Hyperlink , html code :

  5. Malcom Says:

    Is there plan to release some bug fixing version?

  6. ailon Says:

    Sure. We hope to release a second beta/release candidate and a final version this year.

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